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David J Taylor

Dear David,

Thanks for your answer. Unfortunately, this did not work. After
experimenting a lot, I added a rule in my internet modem to forward port
6000 - 6100 to my PC and I configured Filezilla to use these ports in
active FTP mode. Does your program use a specific port? It gets the file
name to retrieve, but does not get the data itself. I think your program
would be very easy to work with and also for automatic mode.

Best regards,


I just checked the program here and it works correctly. No special port settings are required. I have no proxy, and I am not using Passive FTP.

You can indeed schedule the program to get the most recent data - see the command-line arguments in the read-me. The FTP data port could be any number, so no port forwarding should be required. Port forwarding is only normally required when data incoming to the PC/router is unexpected, and in this case the program triggers the first connection so the router knows where to route the incoming packets. I take it you are registered with EUMESAT for the FTP service?

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