Re: Some basic info required for a beginner

David J Taylor

Hi David,
The broken links I have found on this page
are under the "paperwork" section - the first line reads "Meteosat-8/9/10 and
the guidance available here will help!" the link under the word "here" is
broken (

Also the third sub paragraph "For advice on completing the form, please see
the GEO Web site." the link under the "Geo Web site" is broken
( (Same link as above - only just
realised that)

at the end of the paragraph you link to the MSG Yahoo group rather than the

I keep finding more pages of interest on your site, enough reading for a
couple of weeks :)


That's much appreciated, Paul. I did find that the version on the Web was lagging behind my local version, so some of the references were out-of-date anyway. Should be corrected now with a Crtl-F5.

My Web site serves as my own notebook in some cases, so usually what you can read there has been done and tested - although with Linux, hardware and EUMETCast updates it might now fail!.

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