Re: Some basic info required for a beginner

Paul Gulliver

David, thanks for the links, the information on your web site is very helpful
- more so than on the EUMETcast web site.
Plenty of reading to keep me quiet for a day or two - as you may know there
are a couple of dead links on your page particularly under the paperwork
section - those referring to the Geo web site are dead but I'm sure I'll be
able to find the info required :)




Briefly, and I hope other will step in as well:

- receivers. The Ayecka SR1 works very well, but so do other devices such
as those from TBS. There is a choice of USB box (single input, one
transceiver) or PCIe card which can be dual-input, so one card handling both
transponders. Beware the TBS software - works for some, crashes Windows for
others. Use the BDADataEx software if you have problems (I prefer it

- if you want to get all the data (including HVS-1) you need two feeds if
using a single-input receiver (e.g. Ayecka SR1, TBS 5927, Novra), but that
can be from a single LNB with a splitter, as both transponders have the same
band an polarisation.

- reception software, you need the TelliCast software and USB dongle from
EUMETSAT (€100). This gets you files needing further processing.

- processing software, you could use my paid-for MSG Toolset Plus and HRPT
Toolset Plus which hundreds of other use. Once you start getting files from
TelliCast, download my software and there is a 30-day trial period. There
is Linux-specific and free Windows software as well if that's your

There is more information (likely needing an update!) on my Web site, and on
the EUMETSAT pages:

SatSignal Software - Quality software for you
Twitter: @gm8arv

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