Some basic info required for a beginner

Paul Gulliver

Hi David and all
Further to your post in the MultiPSK group you have whetted my appetite for receiving data via Eumetcast.
I already have a 1.1m off set dish (presently receiving C-band data from Inmarsat 3F5) but would appreciate some guidance.
On your page for the Eumetcast link margins I notice many use the Ayecka SR1 receiver so I assume this to be a good choice, I notice some use a twin output LNB is there any reason for this - do I need two receivers?
On the Eumetsat page they mention basic and high volume services - in terms of dissemination what are the differences - I can't find a page that lists exactly what is disseminated by each service.
Finally what is the basic software I need for the viewing/processing of the data
At the moment this is just a possibility of being a project for 2019 - The last time I received Meteosat images direct they were in analogue format (APT style) using the Dartcom 
converter - more years ago than I wish to remember.



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