Re: cast-client-channels_bas.ini and cast-client-channels_hvs-1.ini help

Herman Vijlbrief

Op 18-11-2018 om 0:51 schreef Philip Robinson:
Hi David
Thankyou, I now have images in GOES-E in GoesABI Manager.
But i am still having problems receiving GOES-W images in MDM. As far as
i can see all my settings are correct. See attached desktop screenshot.
I still have a black GOES-W box though  in MDM.
In the logs box of the MDM, I have lots of updating data  showing such
as L-000-MSG4_-GOES-15_____-00.7_128W-000003. I presume this is the
GOES-W data, and i am getting a black box because its dark over the
coverage  area now, and tomorrow with daylight i will see images from

Once this last bit is working , i will have all my correct settings for
your software, i will then install everything on my windows10 computer.
The only question mark is where to put everything
I have a 2tb SSD internal  and 3tb external hard drive  (USB connected)
and 16mbram



Here are mij settings in MDM
Use the latest Beta of MDM to handle the data.

Hope this helps to solve the problem.



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