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David J Taylor


In order to spread disk activity Himawari and Goes-16 images are ending up
not in the standard MSG/Images/FSD tree but elsewhere. Animator has only one
general <image data path> for all animations and this limits its use to
images present in that data path.
Are there restrictions in using more than one (renamed) Animator or will it
be possible to define a data path per animation?



Yes, using two (or more) renamed MSG Animators should be fine, although I've never actually tried this myself. Check in the registry for an entry for the renamed .EXE. Allow more choices per animation, whilst technically feasible, might increase the support effort and confuse the newcomer.

Personally, I run one "full" MSG Data Manager instance where its output naturally goes to the common "images" tree, and on another PC a separate MSG Data Manager just for Himawari but with the output sent to the same "images" tree.

On both those systems the GOES-16 ABI Manager sends its output also to the common tree. Yes, it must keep the disks busy (they are HD not SSD).

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