Re: MapToGeo

David J Taylor


Try as I might I can't get the proper remap out of MapToGeo for Goes-15. The
generated background-msg1-goes_w.bmp is totally off.
Just to make sure:
- using v2.0.5.54, registered version
- opening plate carree full world image
- Remap to MSG1-GOES_W
- Save to GeoSatSignal directory as background-msg1-goes_w.bmp (Old version
previously deleted)

Unless my seniority plays tricks on me, the remap is centered far west of
the intended location.
I also do not see a change in the non-WMO mapping for Goes-17.

I really hope it is something simple.


Please try the current beta from yesterday, 12:05, 2018-Nov-08.

I had accidentally omitted one line when converting from C to Pascal, and that one line called up more code to do the GOES to GEOS correction.

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