Re: new decline will snr?

David J Taylor

Apologies for jumping into this thread but I want to second Francis's
comment - you surely are a star David! The link on your web site, you
gave above, had the solution to my problem - particularly your comment
under the heading "Select dual-mode operation, stops channel switching" :-

"After configuring HVS, I found that the operation mode must be "Single"
for HVS to work. I recall some discussion about this in the past, but
can't now find my notes."

I had been struggling to understand why the HVS-1 service wouldn't start
receiving the Announcement Channel, on my Windows 7 machine (which uses
the Ayecka SR1), whereas it is running fine on my Linux machine, using
the TBS 6903 - both being fed from the same (dual output) LNB

As soon as I changed the SR1 Operation Mode to Single, it came to life !

Might be worth highlighting that requirement, David, when you have the time?

Thanks again,



Great that it's now working, Nigel.

I've updated the Web page paragraph, putting the requirement in bold! I've also noted that on the lower-cost SR1s that menu won't even be visible, as the dual-mode operation is not compatible with either EUMETCast HVS-1 or HVS-2.
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