Re: MapToGeo

David J Taylor


I see two issues:

1) With the new location of Goes-15 the background mapping needs to be
changed as well. Will it be possible for you to include the new mapping into

2) Another thing that I noticed is that the background mapping of Goes-17
does not correspond to the boundaries. Although most of the US/LatAm is
accurately mapped, the western coast is quite off (as is the less important
eastern edge of the image at Africa). See attached image.

I think that issue 1 is at the base of the inconsistency I see in the World
View of GeoSatSignal (1156).



1. Done, I hope.

2. Caused by the non-WMO mapping which the Americans are using for GOES-16/17. Whilst I didn't check it, that should have been fixed as well (simply by recompiling the program with the updated mapping routine).

I've not yet looked at the change of GOES-W in the GeoSatSignal World View. Please remind me if it's not done in a couple of days. Other (good) things are quite busy at the moment!

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