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David J Taylor


Whatever the name for it (double, blurry or fuzzy) starting 00:00 UTC it disappeared and all seems well at the edges. This does not, however, alter the desire to have Goes-17 taking over as soon as possible.
Btw, I read that there are plans to use Goes-15 IR in tandem during the 'hot' periods in which the Goes-17 IR channels are affected, so there might be less missing thermal than expected.
There is a nice read here and an informative power point presentation at:


Thanks for the link to the presentation, Ferdinand. It seems that they are proposing exactly what I suggested, i.e. that GOES-15 (or whatever) temperatures would be used to fill-in data missing or unreliable from GOES-17, and added directly to the GOES-17 data stream.

I had envisaged having to write my own software to rescale GOES-15 to GOES-17, judge the comparative quality, and fill in the bits as appropriate. That might all be done for us, and in the GOES-17 data stream.

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