Re: Goes-15

Thorsten Miglus


I used the script together with a Windows script (find attached). The Windows script waits for the arrival of GOES 16 files and process them immediately.
Since David's ABI Manager is available I don't use the script any more.

You have to change within the script:
Arrival of ABI Files: set ABI_folder=E:\TPG-1
Storage of ABI Files: set ABI_target=E:\GOES16\ABI
Storage of image files: set FSD_folder=C:\MSG-Data\Images\FSD
Position of python.exe: C:\Tools\Anaconda3\python.exe
Position of python script: C:\Tools\


On Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 06:35 PM, Graham Woolf wrote:
Hi Thorsten

No problem

Just a quick question or two - how do you run it ?

Do you run it once a day and process all the files that come in or do you run it every time there is a new image or  do you just run it as a one off picking the timeslot you want



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