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Ferdinand Valk

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Given the uncertainties, maybe it would be wise to have a look at the World
view in GeoSatSignal. In the World View Goes-16 (15' service, high
resolution) is cut off at the middle of continental US and Goes-15 (lower
resolution, 1 to 3hr service) is used for the other half of the US and the east
Pacific. Maybe it is a good idea to maximise coverage by G-16 in case
G-15 is absent or not reliable. Try to remove Goes-W from the world view
and you will see what I mean.


Ferdinand, does the beta I've just uploaded do what you expect?

I realised I should have changed the topic title!

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Yes, this is definitely better than it was.
I still do have a comment though. On the World View page you have implemented a "stale after n hours" function in order to prevent a world composite to be tainted with obsolete data in case of a satellite outage. Can this function be a trigger to use the full view of the overlapping satellite. To be specific:
Now Goes-15 nicely fills-in the gap between mid Pacific (Him-8) and, say, Seattle (G-16). If G-15 is missing in action the Goes-16 image still cuts at Seattle instead of using in that case the full Goes-16 hemisphere. The "Stale After..." could be the trigger to change from cut view to full view.
If this is too complex it is not that critical; if it is simple it would be a nice security for the delivery of (almost full) world view images in the interval between eol Goes-15 and a stable Goes-17 dissemination.


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