Eumetcast on Debian Linux, using TBS 6903 car


Hi folks,

I'm still struggling to receive HVS-1 on my Debian 9 machine, using a TBS 6903 card.

A very simple question, please, to anyone using this card - I have a single cable from my LNB to the card and am receiving the Basic Service just fine, the cable being connected to the LNB 0 input.

Do I need to do anything "clever" to the card setup to enable it to receive both Basic and HVS-1 service at the same time?

I suspect I'm missing something very basic but can't see the wood for the trees !

The web interface (http://localhost:8200) is showing a config error for HVS-1 but is that due to a lack of signal or a setup error ??

Thanks for any help !



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