Re: Channels showing in MSG Data Manager



A mine of useful information and documented fixes as usual - except:

>NB: Note that the directory location you specify should be the same as that for where "EUMETSAT >Data Channel 4" data is at present.

They [E1B-TPG-1] and [E1B-TPL-1] are already, that is '=received.'

I've found the problem now though after leaving a 'tick change' for an hour or so, although I had Ch.12 data (CMA) Manage CMA data ticket, I hadn't ticket any of the Copy data options - goodness knows why not.
I also (today) ticket Unzip CMA data - was that also actually required?



In a message dated 01/11/2018 14:51:51 GMT Standard Time, gm8arv@... writes:

OK, you had checked the FAQ, I suppose? I think it's the same fix for

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