Re: Channels showing in MSG Data Manager

Thorsten Miglus


FY-2G and FY-2E are on Basic Service.
Channel: E1B-TPG-1
Filename: Z_SATE_C_BABJ_20181101120000_O_FY2G_FDI_VIS_001_NOM.HDF.gz
This is a GOES ABI file within your FSD folder in NetCDF format. It is there because vou have checked Save as NetCDF.


On Thu, Nov 1, 2018 at 01:15 PM, Robert Moore wrote:
I am now receiving HVS data - but starting with a limited number of channels. On the basic service I have MSG data but I don't see FY-2G on FSD and FY-2E on FSD-2 as David does. Are they on the HVS basic service?
I'm taking HVS-1 on a separate hard drive on the receiver PC, and only GEOS-16 at present. This goes into its own folder on the processing PC (albeit a couple of hours late - FastCopy is slow!). However my FSD folder contains files which I haven't yet been able to identify, like:
I'm in no hurry to amass more data - MSG and GEOS-16 give me good European and Atlantic coverage (my main interest), backed up/enhanced with METOP and AVHRR data


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