Re: Himawari problem

Ferdinand Valk

Meantime Eumetsat informed that the Himawari issue is caused in the data transfer from JMA to Eumetsat, resulting in intermittent and delayed data. There is thus far no solution or a resolution time frame available.

MSG Data Manager cannot cope with the haphazard data stream, resulting in a very high percentage of ignored data/images. The script developed by Miglus Thorsten collects the ‘random’ incoming segments until complete for an image, which can then be processed by the MSG Data Manager, albeit with varying delay. Recommended for people that need the Australasia/Pacific region.


Hopefully things will be normalized soon, keeping in mind that with the changing Goes-West parameters and Goes-17 not yet disseminated, the Pacific region is critically under-represented.




From: <> On Behalf Of Ferdinand Valk
Sent: Monday, 29 October, 2018 12:22
Subject: Re: [MSG-1] Himawari problem


I was in contact with Eumetsat about this and received a rather unsatisfactory reply (see below).

This was almost a week ago and no further information was supplied, nor was there an indication of a tentative solution or solution date.


> Subject : 300040972 Third-Party Data Services


> Thank you again for your email.


> I am afraid that we are still investigating this issue. As soon as

> there is more

> information users will be informed via the UNS accordingly. For your

> convenience, I copy below the message sent out informing of this

> outage:


> *****//<remainder cut>


Ferdinand Valk


From: <> On Behalf Of Stefano Mina via Groups.Io
Sent: Monday, 29 October, 2018 11:47
Subject: [MSG-1] Himawari problem


Good morning . Other users have reception problem Himawari file does Eumetcast? MDm log describes Skipped continuously from is older than current data, and does not store images. Operational service of eumetsat describes status of red function
Problem of dating files sent and segments, as described on this post some days ago by David and Ferdinand?

Mina Stefano



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