Question about the power (dBm) values

Herman Vijlbrief

Dear all,

During installation of my new dish I thought it was the moment to change my old Smart Titanium LNB with a new Inverto Black Ultra LNB.
The SNR of the Inverto was about 0,5 dB higher comparing to the Titanium LNB.

And i saw a significant increase of the power level from - 26 dBm (Titanium) to - 19 dBm (Inverto) in the SR1 controller display.
Because de dBm value is out of the green display area a question came up about this high value.
Is that high value OK or is it too high for good reception.
And if it is too high can I tweak this value down?

Any advise highly appreciated.


Herman Vijlbrief


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