Re: Formally lost T icon tellicast - yellow only.

David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

In case it helps, here's the startup log from the current client:

MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:09.410:Program started =============
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:09.410:Watchdog starting... [3704]
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:09.410:Watchdog started [3704].
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:10.675:Starting new child...
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:10.675:Started new child [8728].
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:10.958:Log level is "normal".
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:12.208:tc-cast-client starting... [8728]
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:12.208:tc-cast-client version is 2.14.4 (201802141241391) revision 6431c0965bf5 win32-i86pc release ( 6.2.9200 on a 4-processor (GenuineIntel, Pentium III (Model 76, Stepping 4)) system)
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:12.263:License check succeeded
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:12.374:tc-cast-client running [8728].
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:14.779:Connected to announcement channel `TSL Announcement Channel', address (announcement channel)
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:14.779:Receiver active
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:24.929:tc-cast-client shutting down... [8728]
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:24.932:Disconnect from announcement channel `TSL Announcement Channel', address completed (shutdown)
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:24.973:tc-cast-client stopped [8728].
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:25.101:Watchdog child quits properly. Shutting down.
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:25.101:Watchdog shutting down ... [3704]
MSG:2018-10-14 13:23:25.101:Watchdog stopped [3704].


I no longer have the old client (from 2006) installed anywhere. That's almost 12 years old.

The earlier part of your log does suggest that the program is getting to the Yellow-T state, as there is no Connected to... message. Mine was run on the latest released version of Windows-10/64 - 1809, which is the one which was withdrawn at one stage.

I don't see License check succeeded, but perhaps that wasn't in the old log files? Is the eToken, Properties, View eToken Info working?

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