Re: Formally lost T icon tellicast - yellow only.

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It seems to me from another topic on this group that there maybe a problem with RAMdisk following the latest
Windows update?

Anyway - there appeared to have been a problem with RAMdisk in my Tellicast log file, part enclosed:

MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:41.955:Program started =============MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:41.955:Watchdog starting... [2652]MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:41.955:Watchdog started [2652].MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:42.423:Starting new child...MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:42.423:Started new child [8604].MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:42.939:tc-recv.exe starting... [8604]MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:42.939:tc-recv.exe version is 2.4.4a (200610301329200) win32-i86pc ( 6.2.9200 on a 4-processor (GenuineIntel, Pentium III (Model 60, Stepping 3)) system)MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:42.939:Log level is "normal".MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:43.017:tc-recv.exe running [8604].WRN:2018-10-12 22:54:43.017:Found corrupted internal file database in directory "Z:\receiving": Database is not clean or has wrong version.WRN:2018-10-12 22:54:43.017:Trying to remove and recreate internal file database.MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:43.017:Succeeded to recreate internal file database in directory "Z:\receiving".MSG:2018-10-12 22:57:42.821:tc-recv.exe shutting down... [8604]MSG:2018-10-12 22:57:42.837:tc-recv.exe stopped [8604].MSG:2018-10-12 22:57:43.040:Watchdog child quits properly. Shutting down.MSG:2018-10-12 22:57:43.040:Watchdog shutting down ... [2652]MSG:2018-10-12 22:57:43.040:Watchdog stopped [2652].

Z:\ is my RAMdisk.



It seems you closed TelliCast about three minutes after it started:

MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:41.955:Program started =============

MSG:2018-10-12 22:54:43.017:Succeeded to recreate internal file database in directory "Z:\receiving".

MSG:2018-10-12 22:57:42.821:tc-recv.exe shutting down... [8604]

Does the RAMdisk/database error occur on starting the program again?

Do you have a wildcard in the cast-client.ini file:


Does the extra network card have an IP address on the same network as the Ayecka SR1 data port, typically 192.168.10.<something>. To check, from a command prompt, issue the "ipconfig" command. Look for something like:

Ethernet adapter EUMETCast SR 1:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

You can see I renamed my adapter to a more meaningful name! If the IPv4 address starts 169. then you will need to define the address manually.

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