Robert Moore

Trying again to post to MSG-1:

I have installed the latest Tellicast-client software. I assumed the installation would overwrite the old version, but it has not.
I'm getting no data on either BAS or HVS-1. But I do have Announcement Channel TSL-HVS-1 'Active'.
Ernst asked Peter 'Did you also make an entry in the recv-channels.ini file for the 3 HVS channels? [HVS-CH*] or [HVS-CH1], [HVS-CH2] , and [HVS-CH3]? So obviously that file needs to be amended; exactly what entries do I need in recv-channels-ini?
I am assured there is plenty of information available on moving to HVS, but have not found it. Could find nothing in GEOQ, going back to No.45. Is there any consolidated guide or is it a case of going back through emails?


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