Re: No transport status lock in Ayecka SR1 after installing a larger disk

Herman Vijlbrief

Thanks to all who helps me finding the solution of the problem.
After more than 25 years of satellite reception and still I have a lot to learn.
I thought that when the Ayecka was programmed for BS and HVS reception it could only be locked on the Eutelsat 10A.
Thorsten and Ernst thanks to pointing that out to me.

I had to move my dish more than 10 degrees to the west and now the data is coming in.
For this occasion i use a compass app on my mobile and satpointer which gives me the right azimuth.
Perhaps next time i will use a more sophisticated tool like David suggested.

Now hoping that the SNR soon is on the level I used to have the last year but for now this larger dish gives me more than 1,3 dB extra SNR.

Thanks and greetings,


Op 8-10-2018 om 15:40 schreef David J Taylor via Groups.Io:

Many Thanks Ernst and Thorsten,

I will repoint my dish this afternoon and report back.




I recently bought one of these - about €50:

which should be handy for the job.  I found:

Al-Forat HD1: 11007 V 4800 S2-QPSK
Dzair news: 11164 V 4000 S2-QPSK
Dzair TV: 11164 V 4000 S2-QPSK (couldn't see video)
Kurdistan TV: 11624 V 3800 S2-QPSK
Zagros TV: 11630 V 3800 S2-QPSK
Kurdistan 24 HD: 11645 4800 S2-QPSK
LBC Europe: 11681 H 3200 8PSK
LDC AM: 11681 H 3200 8PSK
-noorsatt: 10961 H 1333 S2-QPSK

That should be enough to confirm the satellite at least.  Received with a TBS5925 and the free SmartDVB software.  BDADataEx used for EUMETCast tests, but using something like the "Finder-Meter" above should be equally OK.

You might be able to use those with the Ayecka too,


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