Re: No transport status lock in Ayecka SR1 after installing a larger disk

Thorsten Miglus

Hi Herman,

your dish points to the wrong satellite.
Symbol rate is 33.000 Msps for Eumetcast.
Your receiver shows 29.995 Msps.
Point to Eutelsat 10 and data will flow.


On Sun, Oct 7, 2018 at 08:29 PM, Herman Vijlbrief wrote:
Dear all,

After installing a larger 105 cm dish I have 1,4 dB more SNR comparing to my 88 cm dish. (12,0 vs 10,6 dB)
Satellite is locked but the transport status is not locked.
Switching back to the 88 cm there is normal reception with transport status locked.

Does anybody have a clue why there is no data transport lock with this larger dish?

In the Ayecka settings the configuration set 2 is enabled and the settings are conform the settings of Eumetsat setup guide v3B on page 11.

MODCODS filter is set on 0x00041000
PIDs are checked and OK
The network settings are conform the settings on page 10 of the setup guide.

I see in the status page where my software version is displayed (1.05b255 with hardware version 2.1 and firmware version 2.02b922)
Rx1: Active, Locked
EUMETCast DVB-S2 1513.000 MHz, DVB-S2 8psk 2/3, 29.995 Msps, CCM, 12,1 dB
one page 8 of the setup guide DVB-S2 is displayed as 16APSK 2/3 32,996 Msps, ACM

That is different than my settings.
If that is the reason why there is no data transport lock? If so how can i change these settings?

Any help highly appreciated!


Herman Vijlbrief

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