Re: TBS 6903 extra power cable

Douglas Deans

On 03/10/2018 12:42, nigel wrote:
Hi to users of the TBS 6903 in a Linux machine,
I am endeavoring to set up a new Eumetcast receiving station, using Debian 9  and following the Eumetsat Linux installation guide that is delivered to the Info-Channel-1 regularly. (Also available here :-)
First question that comes to mind is do I need to use the separate power cable that comes with the card ?
I've done some googling around and opinions seem to be divided and the User Manual that comes with the card doesn't mention it !
It's easy to connect so not a problem to use but I'm curious to know what problems, if any, to expect, if I don't use it.
Thanks for any comments !

Hello Nigel,

I have a Windows system but really don't think that the use or otherwise of a PCI card power cable has any relevance to the operating system.
What will matter is the computer spec., how many other PCI cards are using the system and the size of you computer power supply.

I have a rather old computer but is does have a 500 watt power supply so it was a no-brainer to connect the power cable provided with the TBS 6903 particularly as I have a reasonable good graphics card that uses power from the PCI system (ie no direct power connection) and other PCI devices.
If you have a spare power connection I would use it.


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