Re: Solar outage SNR



You beat me to it.

I'm eagerly awaiting my co-linearity next week to see if the neighbours fir tree has grown with its shadow taking up some of the shift I made to my dish in February.

One thing perhaps you could answer with WXtrack Solar Outage details is, what does 'First nulls beamwidth: 3.73 degrees' mean/show?



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A reminder to those of you with a TBS/BDADataEx setup that I have a simple
set of programs to record and display the solar outage which will be with us
any day now. It could highlight any misalignment in azimuth or elevation of
your antenna. You can download the programs here:

Have a play with the program now, before the outage, to check it's working!
Sample results attached.

Registered WXtrack users can get a prediction from the View, Solar outage
menu - sample attached.

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