Re: HRV north.


Hello Thorsten,

OK, thanks for that.
Gosh, some time ago - I hadn't noticed and wasn't aware of the changes.

I'll obviously have to revert to RSS HRV-N imaging to maintain the easterly coverage area when required.

Best wishes,


In a message dated 30/09/2018 13:26:35 GMT Standard Time, thorsten.miglus@... writes:

From the Weekly Operations Schedule - Week 33:

From 2018-08-17, the Meteosat 0° HRV upper window will
be shifted to the west position at 10:00 UTC every day,
instead of 17:00 UTC as currently implemented. This is
to allow for a better coverage of the Azores. The HRV
window coverage in the East will be maintained via the
Meteosat RSS and IODC HRV windows.


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