Re: False colour LUT for VIS channels

Thorsten Miglus


I started 1991 with a 286 PC and MS Dos 3.3.
Extending the memory to 16 MB was really expensive.
It was EGA graphics with 16 colours.
Later there was an upgrade to 256 colours.
What a dramatic technical progress since then!


On Sun, Sep 30, 2018 at 03:35 PM, Ernst Lobsiger wrote:


O.K. land/sea bitmaps can also be applied in SNAP. But
I decided now to go in the direction of Pytroll/SatPy.
It's easier to script and that's what UNIX is all about.

The glitch in the BMP header seems not to be a problem
for David's software or Microsoft Windows Photo Viewer.

And *YES*: UKW-Technik that was the receiver I started
with using a 3m dish for Meteosat and a crossed dipole
for NOAA satellites in the early 1990-ies at my school.


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