BS - formally Re: [MSG-1] Atlantic hurricanes.


Hello Alan, Simon Thorsten and All,

Since I started off this discussion, I'd better say something.
I'll try to be brief but .....?

When, fortunately for us, MSG-1's SSPA's failed, EUMETSAT successfully adopted the DVB format service they had been running for NOAA ATOVS data and EUMETCast was borne via (Hotbird, I think that was the first) Ku-band 'TV satellites' DVB transponder.

What we received at that time, was worldwide imaging (similar to WEFAX) but in HRI and including NOAA regional imaging.
All on cheap domestic TV reception equipment.

As has been said, more satellites have been launched producing more data leading EUMETSAT, having to, adopt the DVB-S2 VCM format which allowed two separate channels on one transponder - BS and HVS-1.

Looking back, perhaps it was not a good idea to call it a Basic Service since it was still, in those days, a very comprehensive worldwide coverage service.
Even more satellites have come along since with more data causing a sort of 'splitting up of services' between BS and HVS-1.
I'm not sure this was the intention of a 'BS' but it has become a reality owing to progress.
And indeed an HVS-2 had to be initiated - who knows what for MTG, though we seem to know another (third) transponder, at least, will be required

I think it was Alan(?) who said all he wants are a few image channels [Global VIS, IR and WV - and Hi-res VIS and NOAA and Metop]  from the worldwide satellite coverage we had.

I'm sure many would be very happy with that.
Trouble is, these data channels, even on BS, contain all the various satellite's imaging and it is up to us to restrict the channels we process.
This/these data are of course, as Simon, I think, pointed out, aimed at the professionals - the various EUMETSAT Council Memebers Met. Services who fund EUMETSAT and 'own' the data.

However, and I must say this, EUMETSAT have always been very keen for the amateur and public to have access to this data.
But the fact remains that there is too much 'full data sets' sent today - and that of course also includes Met. Products, etc, to fit into the BS bandwidth.

Sadly I don't think EUMETSAT could undertake (the extra work and cost(?) or re-engineering) of producing a restricted package service - that is a sub section of the full disseminated images from every worldwide satellites imaging output, plus NOAA 19 and Metop - which would then fit into the bandwidth of BS, and be a 'Basic Service,' which would keep many of us quite happy.

Having said that, BS's stronger SNR does give a reliable quick-look service for 'all' users including professionals, academic users, emergency services, etc using a smaller dish.


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