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Alan Sewards

Hi Thorsten,

    Thank you for your comments. As I am 87 I am not allowed on the roof any more (!), so my dish was installed by a professional who used a receiver for the alignment. There was some doubt in my mind about the satellite alignment and the technician spent over an hour adjusting and checking that we had the right bird and alignment. The only thing that was not done right was the skew setting as the interfering transponder was not active at that time. With the interferer on, I get a basic SNR of 11.5-11.7 dB, with it off, it is 13.6 dB. If I get the installer back for the skew, I might pick up a dB or so, but even then, its pretty poor for the HVS services and I don't like spending on it.

    Best regards - Alan S

On 20-Sep-18 6:36 PM, Thorsten Miglus wrote:
Hi Alan,
there must be something wrong with the alignment of your dish. My 125 cm dish gives me a SNR of about 15 dB. And a link margin of about 5 dB for HVS-1. Maybe adjusting your dish helps to improve you link margin dramtically?

Basic Service was the starting point of Eumetcast. Technical progress requires much higher data rates for today's satellites. So Basic Service becomes more and more outdated.
Data rates required for the new GOES E and W satellites will not fit into Basic Service at all.


On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 05:53 PM, Alan Sewards wrote:

Hi folks,

    We don't seem to have the same idea of what a 'Basic Service' is for. I would have thought that it would carry all the data of principal interest to UK and European persons for general weather prediction and meteorological interest, and usable for education services. GOES E and W are definitely in that category. New satellites with high performance radiometers and many channels, or those serving distant parts of the world, would more appropriately be carried on the HVS channels, as they would not be of the same interest to the first category of possible users. HVS users might be expected to carry the higher costs of reception as many will want the HVS services for professional use or revenue generation. I am definitely in the first category of user and having a usable margin of only 1.5 dB for the HVS channels are unwilling to put the extra cost and effort into getting them. My pitiful 1.5 dB comes from as 125cm dish, which cost me over 400€ a few years ago to buy and have put in place.

Best regards - Alan Sewards

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