Re: Windows 10 & initialising new hard drive

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Hello All,
I have built yet another pc for HVS reception and this is my first experience with Windows 10. I have installed the operating system on a 250GB SSD which has been automatically labelled C: I have also installed a large capacity conventional HD for data storage. Now when I try to initialise this disc I get the message '... could not be performed because of an I/O device error' . Is this because the SSD has been assigned 'C' or for some other reason?
Regards, Peter


For some other reason, I suspect. I have a number of computers with a system SSD and other HDs added later. What does the Disk Manager show? I'd be inclined to check the connections, and whether the motherboard has any restrictions as to what SATA ports can be used. Has the HD been checked elsewhere?

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