Re: Himawari Basic Service

Ian Deans

On 16/09/2018 17:18, Thorsten Miglus wrote:
there is nothing wrong with the Himawari data on Basic Service. I believe in a data manager issue.
Have you installed the latest beta V3.1.11.1273 from September 14.?
On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 05:01 PM, Ian Deans wrote:
Hi Ferdinand,
Thanks for your mail.
The first thing to mention is that I am only taking basic at the
moment due to a shortage of receivers, so I have no 10 minute data
coming in and my dedicated Himawari Data Manager is not running.
My IODC and RSS Data Manager have the same settings as I have used
for a number of years with everything unticked and set to 0. To be
doubly sure I checked the logs and no Himawari data shows.
So all very strange but I am still seeing the odd non half hour data
coming in often with gaps and occasional missing segments on the
half hour data.


Thanks for your mail. I was speaking to Douglas when your mail came in and he had just confirmed that he saw no Himawari raw data for the basic service outwith the half hour data, and he thought it might be a Data Manager issue.

Your advice re DM 1273 may well be the issue as I am running DM 1272.

This has arisen as I have had to stop HVS-1 (and HVS-2 for that matter )
until I resolve my receiver issues.

Appreciate your help.


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