Re: Himawari Basic Service

Ferdinand Valk

That is strange indeed Ian. Did you check with the Task Manager that indeed only three Data Manager instances (Main, RSS and IODC) are running and not a fourth hidden one? I had noticed once that under Apps 3 instances appeared and in the Background processes a fourth was shown that caused trouble.


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Hi Ferdinand,

Thanks for your mail.

The first thing to mention is that I am only taking basic at the moment due to a
shortage of receivers, so I have no 10 minute data coming in and my dedicated
Himawari Data Manager is not running.

My IODC and RSS Data Manager have the same settings as I have used for a
number of years with everything unticked and set to 0. To be doubly sure I
checked the logs and no Himawari data shows.

So all very strange but I am still seeing the odd non half hour data coming in
often with gaps and occasional missing segments on the half hour data.


On 16/09/2018 14:36, Ferdinand Valk wrote:

I'm not seeing that here. What you describe is often occurring when there are
2 instances of the Data Manager looking into the same \received directory
while both instances have the same sat selected. In my case I changed the
selected satellite to MSG-2 (currently not disseminated) for the 10 minute data.
The latter looks at a ..\hvs-1\E1H-TPG-2\ receiving directory and the basic 15
minutes looks at the general MSG-4 received directory.

Maybe this helps?


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Subject: [MSG-1] Himawari Basic Service

There appears to be some issues with Himawari data on the basic
service at the moment.

Firstly, presumably in error, some data outwith the half hourly data
is being sent on occasions, although with many missing segments and I
am also seeing some missing segments on the half hourly data as well.


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