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Hi David,
The spec I have settled on (almost) is almost identical to yours. I want
to do some gaming on this so a graphics card will be necessary. The
biggest cost at the moment apart from CPU is RAM. I think 16GB is going
to have to do. I have 32 in this PC but now rarely use it since I don't
process very large astronomy images. The other issue is that I want to
keep it as quiet as possible. I've found liquid cooling very efficient
and reduces the dust contamination in the case very considerably.
Will give novatech a look.
I wont be able to recover much from this PC except one of the HDDs (2TB)



16 GB memory should be fine. I have that in my HVS-1/HVS-2 PC as I use a RAMdisk there for both tmp and received files, and it can get quite full under fault conditions:

There's a TrimTree running frequently to delete orphaned tmp files, and a RoboCopy running with a minute refresh to move processed files to a hard disk. However, as you're not taking Sentinel data your needs should be less. I take Sentinel data but don't process it.

Looking at the memory on a 16 GB interactive PC it seems that over the month the committed memory gradually increases (green) and the available memory (blue) decreases, but not as rapidly. I can't trace what causes this (my AVHRR Manager accounts for a small increase), but Firefox is a major consumer.

Perhaps you can steal some memory? Or is it like CPU pin-outs never compatible!

Cooling is certainly important, and I find that a dust clean out once a year (or more often) helps to keep the temperatures down! Fan noise isn't important with my hearing as it is!

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