Re: New PC

Alan Banks <alanjamesbanks@...>

- 4-core CPU (6 perhaps).  Speed not overly important for EUMETCast.
- 16 GB memory or more.
- 256 GB SSD for OS.
- data disk for saved data and my programs (2-6 TB as you wish).
- data disk for HVS-1 (1 TB in my case).
- extra network card if second Ayecka SR1.
- graphics card not really required just for EUMETCast.
- serial card for GPS with PPS for accurate time keeping.
- Windows 10 Pro.
- plenty of USB ports!

Hi David,
The spec I have settled on (almost) is almost identical to yours. I want to do some gaming on this so a graphics card will be necessary. The biggest cost at the moment apart from CPU is RAM. I think 16GB is going to have to do. I have 32 in this PC but now rarely use it since I don't process very large astronomy images. The other issue is that I want to keep it as quiet as possible. I've found liquid cooling very efficient and reduces the dust contamination in the case very considerably.
Will give novatech a look.
I wont be able to recover much from this PC except one of the HDDs (2TB)


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