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Hi all,
Its a while since I built a PC and prices seem to have rocketed
particularly for RAM.
My second grandson requires a PC for Gaming, so I thought I would give
him my current PC with an added graphics card and buy new built/self
build for me.
I've used ebuyer and scan in the past. Has anyone recent experience of
suppliers/builders to share?
With Himawari 8 moving to T2 it looks as though I need to grasp the
nettle and get a second Rx going and update EUMETCast software. May as
well do it as a new install, get my little grey cells working!



I've used Novatech for five PCs and found them very responsive to my particular requirements.

I've used PC Specialist once, but didn't go back as they seemed somewhat reluctant to move away from their standard configurations.

As Thorsten notes, Him-8 will be on TP1, but on the HVS. I have two HVS-1 receivers, an Ayecka SR-1 (set for HVS alone), and a dual-tuner TBS6903 PCIe card working on both HVS-1 and HVS-2. The SR1 HVS-1 system give fewer missed packets - and that's without using any RAMdisk (which rather surprised me!), but the TBS seems to have slightly faster AGC, so less troubled by instantaneous slight signal dips. You could also get a second-hand e.g. TBS5925 and run that just on HVS-1.

I take the HVS-1 data on a separate physical HD, and process it to the main data disk. The OS is held on an SSD. I have a graphics card in that PC so that (a) it can run dual monitors (a great productivity gain) and (b) it has the CUDA capability required by some SDR software and used by the OS (and Firefox).

- 4-core CPU (6 perhaps). Speed not overly important for EUMETCast.
- 16 GB memory or more.
- 256 GB SSD for OS.
- data disk for saved data and my programs (2-6 TB as you wish).
- data disk for HVS-1 (1 TB in my case).
- extra network card if second Ayecka SR1.
- graphics card not really required just for EUMETCast.
- serial card for GPS with PPS for accurate time keeping.
- Windows 10 Pro.
- plenty of USB ports!

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