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Alan Sewards

Hi John, 
I read your message with interest. Because of similar feelings, I emigrated with my family to Canada in May 1966. We had a wonderful time there and I had a most satisfying career. After I retired in 1998 the Canadian winters were no longer so attractive so we moved to the south of France where the weather is paradisical, there was plenty of room for large antennas, and as we live in a small village devoted to the growing of grapes, we can indulge in wine with meals. We were welcomed by the local community and have had a most satisfying life, supported by the excellent French social security system. 
So go for it John, unless the money side is impossible. Our pensions from the UK and Canada have been hit by the currency variations but we can manage. 

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[Sorry All - totally off topic]

Thanks for the link to an interesting article.

Not sure I want an e-residency but I'm seriously investigating the possibility of moving to an EU country before March 19th next year.
Trouble is, when the £ crashes to € 1 my BBC and State pension will look a bit sick.

We can but hope?



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A great chance to visit the super city of Tallinn (and perhaps get your
Estonian e-Residency at the same time?).

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