Re: Unencrypted Eumetcast ?

simonproud <simon.proud@...>

Hi Hugo,
From memory the 'essential' timeslots can be received without the EKU. These are every three hours (00:00,03:00,etc UTC). I've found that quite useful for testing new reception systems in the past but something may have changed, not tried the non-EKU data in a couple of years. I also think you still need a username/password - so it might be worth asking OPS about that.


On 31 August 2018 at 09:26, Hugo <hvanruys@...> wrote:
Hi group,

Question : 
Is  there a time of day where it is possible to receive Eumetcast without the EKU dongle ?
Or is Eumetcast encrypted 24/7 ?

Kind regards,


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