BUFRdisplay - removal of templates facility


If anyone uses my BUFRdisplay program (see www.elnath.org.uk), I propose to remove the templates facility in a future issue (if you use it you will know what it is).

It seemed a good idea at the time, but the definition files were diffcult to write and of limited utility.  I haven't maintained them for years, and am not sure that they apply to any current BUFR files. In any case, they would not work with a good many BUFR files (those with a variable number of items in them).

In the interests of cleaning up the code, I will therefore remove this facility in the near future, unless anyone is using it and wants it retained. If so, please let me know quickly and I will leave it in, although it will be unsupported.

I am always pleased to hear from anyone using BUFRdisplay (there are few out there!).

Francis Breame

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