Re: TP1.

Ian Deans

On 25/08/2018 09:34, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
Transponder 1 signal about 1 dB down on SNR since yesterday evening.
Not weather related here as it is cold and completely clear.
TP2 unchanged.
It's not as obvious, but I think TP2 is down as well.  Both reported to EUMETSAT this morning.
Thanks to the folk who provide MRTG monitoring - we could do with more especially for transponder 2.

I too have seen a reduction in the TP1 signal since yesterday evening but only about 0.5 SNR. No apparent reduction for TP2.

Keep in mind that I am still experiencing a drop of about 0.5/0.6 SNR in signal which started well over 2 months ago.

At the moment my TP1 and TP2 signal are exactly the same ( about 12.4/12.5 ].


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