Re: TP1.


David, Ian and All,

Yes, signal down here earlier this morning in SW London.
Not quite sure 'where it is' at the moment owing to my diurnal variation.

Interestingly David, your post was timed at 09:35 GMT according to IO - but 09:35 GMT hasn't arrived yet.



In a message dated 25/08/2018 09:34:25 GMT Standard Time, gm8arv@... writes:

Transponder 1 signal about 1 dB down on SNR since yesterday evening.
Not weather related here as it is cold and completely clear.
TP2 unchanged.



It's not as obvious, but I think TP2 is down as well. Both reported to
EUMETSAT this morning.

Thanks to the folk who provide MRTG monitoring - we could do with more
especially for transponder 2.

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