Re: Unknown traffic on HVS-2

Douglas Deans

On 22/08/2018 20:24, Ernst Lobsiger wrote:
Dear All
I have unknown traffic on HVS-2. This traffic is not
found in EUMETSAT's channel and PID pages but according
routes exist in K.-P.'s Linux smcroute configuration file.
a) PID 610  to Port 6099 UDP
b) PID 610  to Ports 6014 and 6015 UDP
Moreover I get a mean 53.3 KBytes/s traffic on PID 611
c) PID 611  to Port 7014 UDP
EUMETSAT does not mention HVS-2 traffic on PID 611 anymore
and there is no entry in K.-P.'s smcroute configuration file.
Smcroute cannot route at the same time a) and c) because
of the same destination address. When my version of script
dvb-eumetcast wants to setup the route c) for PID 611 the
similar route a) for PID 610 is deleted (or overwritten?).
So I route a) only and do not even setup a PID for c) now.
Does anybody know what this traffic is for?

Hello Ernst,

My understanding is that Sentinel 3B data is now on HVS-2 although not available to anyone even on test.


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