Re: How to prevent automated updates on Windows 10 Home

Thorsten Miglus

Hi Barry,

you can go to the Task Scheduler.
Then run the task "Schedule Scan" manually by right click.
If the result is "permission denied", automated updates are blocked successful.


On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 04:19 PM, Barry Smith wrote:
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"Thorsten Miglus" <thorsten.miglus@...> wrote:

Hi Barry,
please run cmd (command line) as Administrator, not the PowerShell.
Thanks. That was hard work!

It's not clear from the website (link you gave) what I should see at
the very end.

I right clicked on UsoClient.exe, Properties, Security, Advanced,
Permissions (Continue).

There are 3 entries
Trusted Installer - Full Control
All application packages - Read & execute
All restricted application packages - Read & execute.

Is that correct? It doesn't seem to be any different from the PC I
have NOT modified.

Do I need to change the Access to Read (only) instead of Read&execute?


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