Douglas Deans

On 11/08/2018 15:00, David J Taylor via Groups.Io wrote:
Yes you are right David, it is only affecting  the meteorological
products ( with one exception.) I should have read it more carefully the
first time.
Glad you read it that way too, Ian!  For one moment I thought they might have found a way of squeezing more segments into the 5 minutes, or changing the interval to 7 minutes, or something else which would have required massive amounts or reprogramming!  Fortunately, not!

I don't read it that way. The heading and the first paragraph in the news item seems to imply it is the RSS and then they explain what meteorological products will also be affected. It is certainly not very clear.
If your assumption is correct I can only assume that the current meteorological products do not cover the area provided by the existing RSS scan. I haven't taken them for a while so I have forgotten.
If they cover the RSS scan as currently provided how can they extend their products without getting extended raw data ?


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