Re: Solar outages to be expected on MSG-1 next weeks


Hello Alan,

You're partly right Alan, TV dishes do suffer from the same effects.
But there won't be many TV viewers watching around 11:00 UTC. And
before they know what is happening, the solar outage will be over.
But MSG "viewers" might miss multiple images and unnecessarily start
checking their equipment or blaming Eumetsat!

About damage to LNB's: As I said, only in exceptional cases damage
could occur because modern dishes have a rough, structured surface to
prevent reflecting too much sun and LNB's have a sturdy cap. But this
won't be of any help if your dish is covered by ice. What are the
chances of rain, followed by a frosty night and a sunny morning in
early October ?
Let's hope we don't have these conditions!

Most TVsat installers will confirm that a burst cap due to solar
outage is a common problem around this time of year!

Arne van Belle

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