Re: Tellicast client version 2.14.4 for Linux

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Hi David,

This is indeed quite an elaborate setup !
I don't monitor as such, but sometimes I leave my system running for a few days on end, and I never saw any segments loss in normal weather.
We have here in Belgium a good signal and my parabolic antenne is 1.25 m in diameter
I think that you don't need a powerful pc for Eumetcast , because the performance of the tellicast client software is very good. What's more important is the speed of the hard disks.



The setup has just grown over the years, as I have been involved in EUMETCast almost before it started (it was used for Meteosat-6 and -7 data).

I envy your good signal!

Much of the effort in the early days (2003) was devoted to getting TelliCast to work as well as possible on the PCs which were affordable at that time. Memory was expensive, and affordable HDs were slow. Different motherboards and different network adapters performed better or worse, and sometimes you needed to find the "best" combination.

More recently the challenge has moved to receiving some 400 GB of data per day. I'd agree that for reception alone processing power is not so important, but having multiple cores helps (hyperthreading didn't work as well with earlier versions of the software). For processing both CPU power and memory is needed, particularly for the highest resolution data. Memory is also important for buffering HDs. Selection of data by PID and channel filtering is very important too.

You might like to automate missed and recovered packet reporting using one of Ernst's scripts - when you have a spare 5 minutes!

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