Re: Tellicast client version 2.14.4 for Linux



Apparently a lot more effort is going in the development and maintenance of the Windows version of Tellicast than for the Linux version.
It was the first time I installed TC on Windows and the installation was going very smoothly ... Of course running TC on Windows in 'production' is not an option ....
I didn't use the tellicast installation script this time, ( i did everything manual) just to be sure nothing was going wrong.

One possibility to avoid all the different flavors of Linux is that Eumetsat roles his own Linux distribution with TC already installed. Something like this : .
Ernst, I see some opportunities here for you ....:)

One of the advantages of open source is of course that Linux would have a 64 bit TC client version years ago, and that there would be a constant development on the software.
Now, TC for Linux it is just an afterthought in a Windows world.

Kind regards,


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