Re: Tellicast client version 2.14.4 for Linux

Ernst Lobsiger


Nice to hear you got it working. I just hope the Devuan people
have the strength to maintain this distro. Most distros have systemd
now which is something like "microsofting" the UNIX desktop. IMHO
this is unacceptable for a CLI based EUMETCast receiver. Why should
I want a monster that tries to do everything from time keeping, network
management to binary log files? My future TC receivers are all Devuan.

The missing link is something I told EUMETSAT many years ago.
This was then described as C11 in the trouble shooting guide.

The really bad thing: In the installation files I use C11 was fixed
by EUMETSAT. That's what I remarked in my HOWTO. It seems
the very latest version from the ftp site has this problem again :-(.

The udev rule lines have changed several times. There is a C9
entry in the trouble shooting guide that should be updated too.
I think I figured out the latest working version some times back.


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