Re: Tellicast client version 2.14.4 for Linux



I'm afraid that I played all my cards...
First, I installed Ubuntu 18.04 (64bit) : no encrypted channels
then Debian 9.5 (64bit) : same result
then Debian 9.5 (32bit) : same result

I installed the eToken driver on Windows 10 and the info displayed the following :

Name: eToken
eToken category: Hardware
Reader name: AKS ifdh 0
Serial number: 0x40993614
Total memory capacity: 32768
eToken card free space: 25846
Hardware version: 1.2
Firmware version: 0.4
Card ID: 22 21 aa 0e 07 0b
Product name: eToken PRO
Model: Token P0514 F4.2.5.4
Card Type: Card OS
OS version: CardOS/M4.01 (C) Siemens AG 1994-2001
Mask version: N/A
Color: Blue
Supported key size: 1024
User password: Present
User password retries remaining: 0
Maximum user password retries: 0
Administrator password: Absent
CSP: eToken Base Cryptographic Provider

The 'Maximum user password retries : 0' is a bit strange for me. The install help file of the driver has 15 for this entry.
The Aladdin EKU could also simply be broken ...

Installing tellicast on windows to test the EKU is probably my next step.



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