Re: Gibertini OP 125L


Hello Ernst,

Sorry to hear about your problems - and more so that you are having them with a Gibertini dish.

I am hoping to upgrade my system this autumn and would have gone for a 1.25 m Gibertini dish instead of my 1 m dish 'standard dish.'

Somehow, Gibertinin dishes have the reputation of having the highest gain of 'same size dishes.'

I wonder if you could please send a photo of the dish/az/el pole fixing arrangement to my personal email address?

The 1 m (I think) Gibertini dish that EUMETSAT used for their EUMETCast Conference some years ago had a simple but robust looking mounting arrangement.

Best wishes,


In a message dated 30/07/2018 20:07:24 GMT Standard Time, ernst.lobsiger@... writes:

I drove another 300km to get a second antenna mount for my Gibertini OP 125L.
And guess what: I have exactly the same mechanical problem with the elevation
setup. No use to deal with these people from the online shop that import the
OP 125L via Germany (!). Today I mounted the dish on my modified tripod. I Q&D
pointed the antenna via landmarks and elevation indication only. I started with
EsNo = 14.2dB on T1 which is +2dB from my best results with the old TRIAX TD88.

During the next days I'll try to fine tune my dish. If the elevation adjustment
problem I expect from my experiments with the bare mount on a working table
persists I'll eventually contact Gibertini in Italy directly. Stay tuned.

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