Re: Tellicast client version 2.14.4 for Linux

Ernst Lobsiger

David and Hugo

I'am just back up and running with my new antenna. There seems quite some change
under GNU/Linux if you are receiving with dvb-s2 PCIe cards. K.-P. issued a completely
revised dvb-eumetcast script to setup smcroute. I have run my own adapted version
of dvb-eumetcast for multi transponder and per client multicast interfaces dummyN
since fall 2017. Now I have to decide how to go on. K.-P.s May 2018 version of
eumetcast-channels.cfg also lacks the channel names which is kind of a problem.

The channel configuration file is sorted by IP and does not correspond to
the sort order of the PID and channel pages on There are
multicast routes setup that cannot be matched to known channels. Furthermore
the link for upcomming changes HVS-1 --> HVS-2 does not work anymore (??) !

I noticed PID 511 is gone on BAS T1 (probably long ago) but on the other hand
EUMETSAT says that there is no PID 611 on HVS-2 T2 anymore. But I still see mean
53.7 KBytes/s traffic on PID 611 that is heading for (??) !

There is a new EUMETCast CD image from today August 2nd 2018 on
The new Linux client includes the new per channel parameters. receive_buffer_size
is "(in MB)" which probably means MegaByte but 8000000 does not make sense to me.

I'll install the new 2.14.4 client and see what I find out ...


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