Re: Tellicast client version 2.14.4 for Linux

Ernst Lobsiger


If you just receive TC there is *NO* reason to use amd64Bit. Until one year back I only used 32Bit Linux (kernel 4.9.0-3-i686-pae to use my 8GB of memory) on TC receivers. Some distros begin to slowly turn down the 32Bit support but Debian testing "buster" appearently is and will still be available as 32Bit software. I use amd64Bit because my receivers also run SNAP 4.0 to process Sentinel OLCI EFR images on the fly. So it was mostly curiosity on my side and I wanted to test the TBS-drivers under amd64Bit too. My multiarch receivers prooved surprisingly stable. Of course EUMETSAT should provide a full amd64Bit suite for TelliCast. The TC client could certainly benefit from the much better memory handling. But that's something EUMETSAT promised when they prepared to change to DVB-S2 years ago. So I do not expect that we get rid of the stone aged pcscd and etokend stuff anytime soon ..


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